What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy is a foundational biologic injection. PRP is made by drawing blood and then concentrating the growth factors from it. (INCLUDE GRAPHIC OF PRP PRODUCTION HERE) This concentrated solution of growth factors is then injected into injured joints or soft tissues.

Your blood consists of 3 major components, the red blood cells loaded with oxygen, iron and nutrients, the plasma or liquid component of your blood and your platelets. Platelets are tiny but loaded with more than 60 types of growth factors which stimulate protein synthesis, development of new blood vessels and induce the healing cascade.

How does PRP Work?

PRP has been proven to work in several primary ways.

-Growth Factor Delivery: PRP delivers a concentrated cocktail of growth factors to the injured region.

– EGF: Stimulates collagen development and tissue healing

-VEGF: Promotes blood vessel growth and facilitates perfusion

-PDGF: Attracts circulating stem cells and upregulates the effects of growth factors

-FGF: Tissue repair, cell growth, collagen production, hyaluronic acid production

-Local Tissue Activation: PRP stimulates tissues to produce more of their own growth factors for 1-3 months after the injection

-Stem Cell Attraction: PRP attracts circulating stem cells to the region, maximizing healing potential

-Joint Rejuvenation: PRP increases production of the lubricating molecule hyaluronic acid inside your joints


Why should I choose PRP?

There are a variety of patient benefits related to PRP Therapy including:

-PRP triggers the bodies’ own healing mechanisms in a natural manner

-Low risk of side effects or infection as the PRP is derived from your own blood and no foreign substances

-Treatments are versatile and can be used in soft tissues, skin and joints

-The process is quick and healing begins immediately

-Soreness is minimal and on average lasts less than 12-36hrs

Who is NOT a candidate for PRP?

You may not be a candidate for PRP if you have taken anti-inflammatory medication in the last week, take blood thinners, have low platelets, are pregnant, are presently being treated for cancer or an infection among other limitations. Dr Esser and his team will determine your candidacy after a full consultation.

Is there science to support PRP?

Yes. There are thousands of orthopedic PRP studies showing excellent results for multiple different conditions. PRP is not however a panacea and is not magic. Dr Esser and his team strive to contribute to and stay on top of the science. They will provide you estimates of likelihood of success based on their experience and the science that exists so you can make an informed decision.

PRP Science

Click here for clickable links to the science behind PRP

What is the cost of PRP?

We strive to make biologic treatments affordable. Click here for price list. 

How do I schedule the PRP?

Please schedule a telehealth or in person consultation to review your case and determine if you are a candidate prior to booking the procedure. You can schedule your consult HERE!