What is Bone Marrow Concentrate?

Your bones have two major functions. One is to create your skeleton and support you with standing, walking and all the activities of life. The other role is as a storage and cell factory. Bone has an outer layer called the cortex and an inner layer called the marrow.

Inside your bone marrow you have “hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells.” These stem cells are multipotent (meaning they can form different cell types). The bone marrow is loaded with other rich growth factors and cells as well which can be used to stimulate healing, replenish depleted tissues and induce anti-aging reactions.

Does Bone Marrow Concentrate have Stem Cells in it?

Bone Marrow Concentrate has hundreds of growth factors, growth stimulators and stem cells. Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent adult stem cells with multilineage differentiation potential, including the ability to differentiate into bone (osteoblasts), tendon, cartilage (chondrocytes), fat (adipocytes), fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and smooth and cardiac muscle cells. ( 1)

How do you collect Bone Marrow Concentrate?

We collect bone marrow stem cells from the back of a patient’s iliac or hip bone Collecting bone marrow involves several simple steps. The patient lays on his/her side. We identify the back of the hip and clean and numb the area. Under Ultrasound guidance we advance a needle called a trochar into the bone and suction out a specific volume of bone marrow cells rich with human stem cells. These cells are heavily concentrated and the final solution injected under ultrasound guidance into the affected areas.

Is there science to support BMAC procedures?

Yes there are hundreds of scientific articles highlighting the positive effects of bone marrow derived stem cells for orthopedic issues. You can review some of the articles HERE

Will it hurt and is the procedure safe?

Most patients describe the procedure as a heavy “sucking feeling” in the hip for about 2-3 minutes with only mild soreness after lasting < 3-12 days.

Every procedure comes with innate risk, however long term studies show that bone marrow aspiration is a relatively low risk procedure when performed by a trained healthcare professional.

What should I expect?

Studies on bone marrow derived stem cell and our personal experience to date suggest that 80% of people benefit from the procedure in a meaningful with up to 90% improvement of symptoms for 3-8 years in appropriately selected candidates. We will provide you an estimate of likelihood of success so you can make the most informed decision prior to advancing with the procedure.

Are you a candidate for BMAC?

You may be a candidate for BMAC if you have pain or impaired function due to an orthopedic condition and you are not a candidate for invasive surgery or would like to avoid surgery.

Who is NOT a candidate for BMAC?

You may not have a BMAC procedure if you have an active infection or active cancer, if you are pregnant, are on blood thinning medication, have low platelet count or have had a steroid injection in the structure of interest in the last 6 weeks.

What is the Cost of BMAC?

A full catalogue of prices for all procedures we perform can be found HERE

How do I schedule the procedure?

Please schedule a telehealth or in person consultation to review your case and determine if you are a candidate prior to booking the procedure. If you are determined to be a candidate and wish to move ahead with scheduling the procedure you may roll your cost of the consult into the BMAC (bone marrow aspirate and concentration) stem cell procedure cost. Schedule your Teleconsult HERE