What is Hydrodissection?

As the name suggests, Hydrodissection is use of a fluid solution (most commonly salt water, anesthetic and/or dextrose) to dissect around a nerve, tendon, fascial plain or other structure which has increased pressure on it and is generating pain. This procedure is done under direct ultrasound guidance and the goal of the procedure is to reduce pain and enhance range of motion and function.


What are common conditions treated?

Common conditions treated with hydrodissection include nerve entrapments (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, medial inferior saphenous knee pain etc), tendon based pain, fascial impingements and pain due to scar tissue compressing sensory nerves.

How many treatments are required?

At times only one treatment is required however sometimes it may require 2-6 sessions for maximum results.

What are the risks?

The risk of a Hydrodissection is the same as any needle through the skin including bleeding, infection and nerve injury.

What is the cost of Hydrodissection?

A full catalogue of prices for all procedures we perform can be found HERE

How do I schedule Hydrodissection?

Please schedule a telehealth or in person consultation to review your case and determine if you are a candidate prior to booking the procedure. You can schedule your consult HERE!