What is a Shoulder Hydrodistention?

Shoulder Hydrodistention or Hydrodilation is a minimally invasive procedure performed to restore shoulder range of motion and reduce pain.


Who is a candidate for a Shoulder Hydrodistention?

You may be a candidate if you have lost range of motion of your shoulder and have been found to have Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder or have lost range of motion after a shoulder surgery.


How is a Shoulder Hydrodistention performed?

The procedure takes about 10 minutes and includes two steps. The first step is an ultrasound guided nerve block to reduce pain. The 2nd is an ultrasound guided injection of a high volume of salt water with anesthetic into the shoulder. This stretches out and opens up the restricted joint capsule and restores shoulder range of motion. It should be permanent for those with frozen shoulder or post capsular restriction and may last up to 12 months for those who have moderate to advanced shoulder arthritis.

Are there studies to support this procedure?

Yes there are dozens of studies showing this procedure helps with shoulder pain and range of motion. In addition, Dr Esser has performed over 2000 shoulder hydro-distentions personally and has catalogued excellent results in 90% of patients.

What are the risks of the procedure?

As with all injections, there is a risk of bleeding, infection and nerve injury.

What is the cost of a Shoulder Hydrodistention?

A full catalogue of prices for all procedures we perform can be found HERE

How do I schedule Shoulder Hydrodistention?

Please schedule a telehealth or in person consultation to review your case and determine if you are a candidate prior to booking the procedure. You can schedule your consult HERE!