What is Tendinopathy?

Tendons are the long rope like structures that connect your muscles to your bones. Tendons are made from thousands of single cells called tenocytes all held together much like a braided cotton rope. When you injure the tendon cells from overuse, inadequate recovery, or singular trauma, you develop a tendinopathy. You can have more of an acute problem called a “tendonitis” which is best treated with rest, ice and activity modification or a chronic tendon problem called “tendinosis.” In this case, the tendon is chronically swollen, inflamed and may even develop micro tears within the tendon as it tries to remodel and heal. This can lead to chronic pain and eventually even to full tearing of the tendon.


Why does Tendinosis develop?

Chronic tendinosis often forms when acute inflammation and healing are blocked. This can be due to the use of NSAIDs or from inadequate rest, poor nutrition or other conditions blocking healing at the cellular level.


How do we treat Chronic Tendon problems?

We treat chronic tendon problems with specific PT protocols including focused exercises, scraping techniques and patient-specific nutritional interventions to improve blood flow in the tendon. If these are inadequate we move on to Tendon Hydrodissection, PRP or Stem Cell injections.


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